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Friesenstütchen, Jg 2010, 165 cm is looking for a place of life

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Rasse: friesen
Geburtsjahr: 2010
Geschlecht Pferd: Stute
Fellfarbe: Rappe
Stockmass: 165
Stammbaum: Stammbaum
Online seit: 34 Tage
For my Friesenstute, Jg 2010, 165 cm, I am looking for a new owner, Since I can not do it justice anymore. She has a dressage education, But the last three years was mainly riding leisurely in the terrain. She is safe, very attentive, alone or in the group, also gladly accompanied by dogs. In dealing with children, she is absolutely loving, not a bocker or climber, absolutely clear in the head. She can ride with bridle as well as with LG bridle. She is a really great leisure and family horse, and I want her for a new owner without sports ambitions, in the group she is rather low, a small open-air with much pasture would be ideal, she is absolutely fit and has no physical limitations. I give them with their complete equipment, which includes 4 saddles, div bridle, saddle pads, div covers, cavalettis etc ...
Name: anna feres


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